Saferly Blue Medical Barrier Film in Dispenser Box 4x6

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Protect your tattoo, PMU, or piercing workstation with Saferly Barrier Film. This barrier film prevents cross-contamination by covering your tattoo equipment, furniture, electronics, and more.

Take advantage of non-stick edges, making this barrier film easy to peel off your surfaces, furniture, and devices after use. Even though the edges are non-stick, the backing is adhesive, so you can count on sturdy protection through any procedure.

Easily tear away barrier film sheets with a dispenser box, included with your purchase. This Saferly Barrier Film comes as 1200 perforated sheets;"> each sheet measures 4 x 6.

Technical Specifications:

  • Color Options: Blue
  • Dimensions: 4x 6 perforated sheets
  • Thickness: 0.03mm
  • Dispenser box included
  • Roll includes 1200 sheets
  • Used to prevent cross-contamination
  • Price per one roll