World Famous Pink Ribbon Series - 1 oz Set

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Pink Ribbon Series set includes the following 1 oz colors:  

  • Portrait White
  • Tan Honey
  • Fair Honey
  • Fair Peach
  • Dark Honey
  • Warm Mink
  • Tan Mink
  • Warm Peach
  • Cool Peach
  • Bright Peach
  • Warm Honey
  • Dark Tan
  • Cool Honey
  • Cool Mink
  • Tan Peach
  • Dark Mink

The Pink Ribbon Series is specialized areola pigment set with the beautiful natural tones we see in the cosmetic tattoo field, but the lasting quality we only see in the traditional tattoo field. Manufactured by World Famous and designed by Samantha and Stacie-Rae!  These inks are lovely to use, not too thick, heal true to color and won't fade!