TCB Membrane Cartridges

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Key Features:

  • Safety membrane to prevent back-flow of ink
  • Easy and reliable cartridge removal and replacement
  • Simple and hygienic design
  • High quality single-use system
  • Individually packaged and sterilized
  • Compatible with most cartridge grips and machines
  • Color coated and individually numbered for easier identification
  • Reinforced central bar system allows maximum stability and control
  • Available in Round Shader, Round Liner, Bugpin Rd Liner, Magnum, BP Mag, Curved Magnum, and BP Curved Mag
  • Packaged 20 per box

Technical Details:

Needle Diameter: Cartridge Type:
0.30 mm #10 Cartridges (aka bugpin "BP")
0.35mm #12 Cartridges
Taper Length: Cartridge Type:
3mm #12 Rd Shaders
5mm #12 Rd Liners, #10 and #12 Mags/Curved Mags
7mm #10 Rd Liners