OttLite Floor Lamp - 24 watts

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Not all lighting is created equal.

Some light wavelengths let you see vibrant colors. But, they emit a bright, glaring light. The eye muscles react by squinting. Other wavelengths let you see with high contrast – the edges of objects are incredibly clear. Ideal for text and fine details. The downside is you lose the color fidelity. OttLite lamps give you the best of both worlds with precision balance of contrast and brightness. Now the eye can see and focus without the harsh glare, distortion and fatigue other light sources cause.

Illuminate large work spaces with the powerful and versatile OttLite Floor Lamp. Perfect next to a tattoo artist’s workstation, this lamp features a wide shade, sturdy yet lightweight base, and an adjustable flex neck to position the light right where you need it. OttLite’s 508 Technology shows ink colors accurately and illuminates the smallest details for mistake-proof results.

Product Dimensions

Max Height: 49″ / Min Height: 42.50″ / Cord Length: 72″ / Weight: 13lbs.

  • Shipping Dimensions: 43.31″ x 9.69″ x 6.31″ (H x W x L)
  • Sturdy base, yet lightweight for easy portability
  • Reduced eyestrain and glare provides maximum comfort and clarity
  • See colors accurately; eliminate mistakes and guesswork
  • Details are incredibly clear for precision tattoo work
  • Low heat, low glare illumination
  • Includes energy efficient OttLite® 24 Watt bulb – rated to last up to 10,000 hours

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