Peak Obsidian Disposable Cartridge Grips



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Developed to work in perfect harmony with PEAK Onyx, Blood, and Quartz Cartridges, the PEAK Cartridge Grip adds even more stability and precision control during the tattoo session. The grip is ergonomically designed to dramatically reduce vibration, allowing the artist to work comfortably for longer periods.

Feel the difference of using PEAK cutting edge equipment and use with PEAK Onyx, Blood, and Quartz Cartridges for the perfect setup. For added convenience, the PEAK Cartridge Grip is also compatible with other cartridge needle brands. All PEAK Grips are manufactured from high quality disposable material, sterilized, and then individually packaged for single use.

Key Features:

• Works flawlessly with PEAK Cartridges
• Efficient grip and needle attachment and removal
• Ergonomically designed to reduce vibration
• High quality single-use material construction
• Sterilized and individually packaged
• Compatible with all cartridge needles and machines

Qty: 24 Grips / Box

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