Adenna Miracle (Nitrile) Gloves

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Note: Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic it has become difficult to obtain gloves, and keep them in-stock. As a result we can only allow the purchase of 3 boxes per size of gloves per order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

These light blue, powder-free, textured nitrile examination gloves are ideal for those artists and piercers seeking a thinner textured glove that doesn't sacrifice durability. The gloves thin gauge (3.5 mil) allows it to be packaged in quantities of 200 per box (180 for size Extra Large), making it easier for you to store, ship, and save money. With the Adenna Miracle Nitrile Glove, less is more.

*Please note: Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic Adenna is adjusting their prices (increasing) frequently. Please be aware we will need to adjust our prices accordingly. We look forward to being able to give you more stable pricing in the future, but for now we have to be flexible. Thank you for your understanding, and stay safe!