Cheyenne Hawk Flex Grip - 3/4"

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Cheyenne's HAWK Flex Grips designed for use with standard coil and rotary tattoo machines—it will not work with any Cheyenne machine—allowing you to take advantage of the tattoo cartridge system on your machine.

The grips are sturdy and easy to clean, ensuring a safe, hygienic work environment. Like other Cheyenne grips, the Flex Grip allows you to adjust the needle protrusion quickly and easily with their Click System. If you don't need to adjust the needle depth, check out the Cheyenne HAWK Fixed Grip.

✯ Use tattoo needle cartridges with your standard machine
✯ Compatible with many standard coil and rotary tattoo machines
✯ Sturdy and easy to clean
✯ Click System: easily adjust needle protrusion
✯ Needle plunger bar included