Saferly 32" Clip Cord Sleeves and Machine Bags - Pink- Box of 200

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Box of 200 32" Clip Cord Sleeves that Double As Machine Bags by Saferly Pink

Practice safe, hygienic PMU procedures with the best quality clip cord sleeves by Saferly. Each 32" clip cord sleeve can easily be cut into 4 machine bags, making this product multi-functional to avoid cross-contamination. These clip cord sleeves provide superior protection and feature an easy tear-away design which allows you to quickly remove the sleeve during breakdown.

This listing is for one box of 200 32" Clip Cord Sleeves by Saferly.


  • Color Options: Pink
  • Sleeve Dimensions: 2.5" wide x 32" long
  • Each sleeve has cut lines;"> cut into 4 machine bags easily
  • Open on 1 end;"> sealed on the other
  • Helps maintain a safe and hygienic tattoo setup
  • Price per one box of 200