Peak Quartz Cartridges (Membrane)

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The Quartz Tattoo Needle Cartridge is distinguished not only by its smoke color, but its reliable performance to keep tattoo artists at the forefront of the industry. The Quartz Cartridge features an inner membrane that provides the ideal tension for a more fluid tattooing session along with a stabilizer that assures the needle doesn’t move side to side. We are the ONLY ones with the Stabilizer – experience the difference this makes.

Key Features:
• Inner membrane for fluid tension and no back flow of ink
• Stabilizer mechanism in every cartridge
• Efficient cartridge removal and replacement
• Sleek, hygienic design
• High quality single-use material construction
• Sterilized and individually packaged
• Compatible with all cartridge-system grips and machines

Long Taper LT 2.0 mm
Extra Long Taper ELT 3.5 mm
Super Long Taper SLT 5.5 mm

#8 needle 0.25 mm diameter
#10 needle 0.30 mm diameter
#12 needle  0.35 mm diameter